Tests and values



Serum ferritin

Increased in patients with

  1. Iron overload

  2. Viral infections

  3. Other inflammatory conditions

  4. Metabolic syndrome

  5. Cancer

  6. Chronic liver disease


  1. Dialysis

  2. Drug toxicity

Serum ferritin

Reference values:

300ug/L ( men)

200ug/L (women)


Reference values : 15-45%


Transferritin saturation
The proportion of the iron transport protein that is saturated with iron

Serum ferritin

Indirect measure of body stores


Increased in patients with

  1. Fe loading anaemias

  2. Fe tabs or multivitamins

  3. Hepatitis

  4. Alcohol abuse

Genetic testing

C282Y Homozygotes
90% specificity
100% sensitivity

C282Y/H63D Heterozygotes
Iron overload disease rare
MRI for liver iron levels may be indicated
Alternatively liver biopsy may be required